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Singing the Law

The Adnyamathanha People have lived in and around the Flinders Ranges in the north of South Australia long before the coming of white settlement. In 1994, the Adnyamathanha filed the first native title claim in South Australia, seeking a determination from the Federal Court that they hold customary rights and interests, including the right to ... Read more

On Top of The Straddle

“We were pulling a big case that weighed about 6 ton into the wing using the winch. We had a couple of snatch blocks clamped to the side of the ship with a dog and a bolt. You hook on your hook. You’ve got a man out in the square to tell the hatchman when ... Read more

Cruel Treatment of Asylum Seekers

The revelations about the ill treatment of Iraqi prisoners by US soldiers has again raised questions about conditions of asylum seekers held in detention by the Australian Government. Reports by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in June 2002 and by the Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission in May 2004 have ... Read more

Seeking Asylum

The recent hunger strikes and wave of self mutilation amongst asylum seekers held in detention in Australia, has again brought both international exposure and condemnation to the Federal Government’s policies in relation to these people seeking refugee status. Australia is the only country in the developed world which implements mandatory detention for all unauthorised arrivals, regardless ... Read more