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Gone are the days of tomorrow’s fish n’ chip paper

Posted by Johnston Withers, in News
The saying went: ‘Today’s news is tomorrow’s fish n’ chip paper’. This was so in relation to traditional (print media) defamation actions, in which a defamed person, although likely to be very upset and hurt by a defamatory publication, did not have to endure the ongoing (and potentially prominent) publication of a defamatory article, well ... Read more

Subcontractors – secure your payments!

Posted by Johnston Withers, in News
The recent liquidation of Tagara Builders, leaving subcontractors reportedly owed tens of thousands of dollars by the insolvent company, emphasises the need for subcontractors to secure payment for their services as promptly as possible. One way for subcontractors to do so is use the adjudication regime established under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment ... Read more

It’s not just what you say, it’s where you say it

Posted by Johnston Withers, in News
Really interesting Federal Court decision in Joe Hockey's defamation case against Fairfax. It showed the importance of context, or lack of it. It was the stand alone posters and tweets of a headline (promoting a newspaper article) which sank Fairfax, not the headline in the context of the article as a whole. So it's not just ... Read more