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10 things you need to know about SA’s new workers compensation laws

Posted by Johnston Withers, in News
Johnston Withers has been representing clients in South Australia for almost 70 years.  We have seen a number of different workers compensation schemes come and go during that time. A new workers compensation scheme came into effect in South Australia on 1 July 2015.  This has a significant impact on workers compensation entitlements, regardless of when a ... Read more

Self managed super – don’t forget your will

A recent report in Super News Alert published by Thomson Reuters has highlighted the complexities of family disputes over superannuation death benefits in self-managed superannuation funds. In that case, Maxwell Morris has signed a binding death nomination in favour of his two adult daughters from his first marriage of all his interest in his self-managed superannuation ... Read more

Estate dispute over family farm – promises upheld in recent decision

There has been an important case decided in the Supreme Court of South Australia about farm succession planning. The name of the case is Rodda v Rodda and it was decided on 1 July 2015 by Judge Nicholson. In that case the Court found that over the course of a long relationship between the father and ... Read more

Criminal fraud linked to gambling

Posted by Johnston Withers, in News
So-called “white collar crime”, particularly when committed by persons holding positions of trust, can have a severe impact on a community.   However, we are seeing more and more cases where the pressures of gambling are proving just too much. When that happens it is important that the court is able to put the offending in ... Read more