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The wine industry is booming, and there are plenty of jobs to be had.

Following on from the $1.27 million in funding under the Wine Tourism and Cellar Door Grants Program shared across 56 South Australian wineries so far, Wine Australia will soon be sifting through submissions from South Australian wineries eager to increase their international visitor profile.  $1 million dollars’ worth of federal International Wine Tourism State Grants ... Read more

Wine Equalisation Tax – New Trade Mark Requirements

Holding a registered trade mark provides many benefits for a business – the exclusive right to use and licence a brand, legal protection against unauthorised use and from 1 July 2018, it will allow certain wine industry participants to claim an exclusive tax rebate.The Wine Equalisation Tax RebatePresently, traders who make, import or sell wine ... Read more

Meet Kirsty Bennett

Meet Kirsty Bennett, Kirsty works in our  Commercial and Property team. She is highly experienced, practical and approachable. Kirsty is committed to achieving sensible, commercial and timely outcomes for her clients.What attracted you to the law?The attraction of the law for me is to search for and find solutions to often complex problems that our clients face.The ... Read more

No. 1 Law firm in SA for online transactions

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We have just celebrated our 100th online PEXA transaction. We currently sit at number three on the top transactors list for SA, and we are proudly the number one Law Firm in SA transacting online.Since its launch in July 2016, SA conveyancers and Law Firms have welcomed the PEXA platform with the most pleasing aspect being the ... Read more

Ever higher, a tribute to Elliott Johnston

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  One Hundred Years of Elliott Johnston  QC  OAM 26.2.1918 - 25.8.2011   Ever higher.  The path Elliott took in life was certainly not the trodden one. Fearless campaigner for the working class person, champion of the human rights movement, and passionate advocate for Indigenous Australians, the disadvantaged, and the oppressed, Elliott strode his own mighty path from start to ... Read more

Worker Compensation Act under review

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On 14 November 2017, the South Australian Government appointed former Justice of the Federal Court of Australia, the Hon. John Mansfield AM QC, to conduct an independent review of the Act and its administration and operation pursuant to section 203 of the Act.Johnston Withers has serious concerns about two significant areas for the review. Firstly ... Read more

World Justice Day – Still No Justice For Refugees In Australia

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Despite the fact that Australia is a signatory to both the UN Refugee Convention and to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Australia still does not provide justice for refugees who are seeking asylum in this country.  Australian governments have gone out of their way to vilify refugees who arrive by boat, for reasons of ... Read more

Family Law Team

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Vanessa Balnaves | SolicitorAlthough Vanessa Balnaves decided at an early age to be a lawyer, she embarked instead on other pursuits. She travelled widely and gained skills in a range of fields, until that early ambition caught up with her and Vanessa returned to University to complete her Law Degree.After graduating, Vanessa practised across ... Read more

What the High Court of Australia Say About Pre-Nuptial Agreements

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It is comparatively unusual for Family Law cases to be finally decided in the High Court and when they are, the High Court’s decisions provide important guidance for clients and their lawyers. The High Court Decision in Thorne v Kennedy provides important guidance about the circumstances in which pre-nuptial agreements are legally binding on the ... Read more

Legal recognition for same sex couples

By Vanessa Balnaves, 2017  Same sex couples in South Australia, and their families, are the beneficiaries of a raft of changes to legislation which support LGBTQI rights. Some of those changes came into force on 17 February 2017, others from 1 August 2017. We take a look at the main implications of the new laws.AdoptionFrom 17 ... Read more