Meet Tanya

Meet Tanya Williams, Registered Conveyancer  and passionate local in Clare. Tanya loves conveyancing and helping the locals achieve their dreams - you can find Tanya on various committees –school governing councils, various sporting committees (hockey, cricket, basketball) and now President of Clare & Districts Hockey Association. What do you love about Conveyancing? My clients – it’s ... Read more

Changes to GST Law on New Residential Premises

The Australian government has recently introduced changes to GST law affecting suppliers and purchasers of new residential premises or subdivisions of potential residential land. Purchaser to remit GST directly ATO Under these changes, purchasers of new residential premises (other than those created through a substantial renovation and commercial residential premises) or subdivisions of potential residential land will ... Read more

World Intellectual Property Day – we bust a common misconception made by businesses.

Business Names and Trade Marks –Is There A Difference? Selecting a business name to establish a brand presence is one of the most significant decisions you will make when starting your own business. However, a common and often costly misconception is that registering a business name or company name will provide the same protection as a ... Read more

Meet Erin Guerin

Meet Erin Guerin, Conveyancing assistant and all round awesome lady! Erin has been at Johnston Withers Incorporating Marshall Conveyancing since 2014 and she is much loved by staff, clients and referrers. Erin is hardworking, efficient and is passionate about delivering outstanding customer service.  Knowing that Erin is supporting our Registered Conveyancers gives us a great ... Read more

How divorce can impact your Estate.

Many people don’t stop to think about the effect marriage, registration of a defacto relationship, divorce or deregistration of a defacto relationship will have on their will. With the rise of defacto partnerships and the option to register that relationship with Births, Deaths and Marriages and with the legal recognition of gay marriage, many people are ... Read more

Stamp Duty cut, for land that qualifies.

Not very often do we associate good news with a duty or tax! Well this time we can. There is good news for purchasers of non-residential “Qualifying Land” with the complete abolishment of stamp duty from July 1 2018. Since 2015 the State Government has been phasing out Stamp duty on non-residential, non-primary production land. From ... Read more

CASE STUDY – No will! What happens to my estate and my domestic partner and child?

The need to have a valid will can be highlighted when contrasting what will happen to your estate if you die intestate (i.e. without a will). Take for example Allan who dies without a valid will, he is survived by his de facto partner Sally and their child Lexie who is under the age of 18. Generally ... Read more

The Dangers of the DIY…

Whilst homemade wills and ‘will kits’ promise a free or cheap and easy way of giving effect to your testamentary wishes, they must be treated very cautiously. In many cases homemade Wills are not completed or signed properly, raising real questions as to their validity, resulting in significant delays and costs in trying to rectify the ... Read more

An unsent text message becomes a Will.

WHEN AN UNSENT TEXT MESSAGE BECOMES A WILL: UNDERSTANDING THE LAW AND ITS IMPLICATIONS Whilst there are certain requirements that must be met in order for a will to be considered valid in South Australia, there are exceptions in which a will can be admitted to probate (probate is the process of proving a will and ... Read more

Easter’s nearly here… so lock up the liquor cabinet!

As the girth of the Australian wine industry is expanding both locally and overseas, our State liquor licensing laws are simultaneously experiencing a loosening of the proverbial belt. So far, thanks to the reforms introduced in December last year under the Liquor Licensing (Liquor Review) Amendment Act 2017, you can now buy an alcoholic drink at ... Read more